Car For Sale - Low miles. New tires. Nap mode?

Car For Sale - Low miles. New tires. Nap mode?

In another sign that sleep is finally getting its due, Mercedes announced that their 2022 EQS electric vehicle will be equipped with a Power Nap mode. 

According to CNET: 

"Power Nap is designed to be used during breaks on a long highway trip, like when you're at a rest stop or EV charging station. It moves the driver's seat (and the passenger seat, if you so choose) into a rest position by reclining the seat back and adjusting the seat base. The car also automatically closes the shades for the sunroof, the side windows and the rear window.

To further help you fall asleep, an animation of a starry sky appears on the central display, as well as the passenger display if you've got the Hyperscreen, plus the screens on the rear seatbacks if that option box was ticked, too. The car also plays soothing noises, sets the climate control to recirculate fresh air and changes up the ambient lighting to a darker, more subtle scheme." More.

Thinking back to when I was driving a lot for my outside sales jobs, this really would have come in handy, and maybe would have resulted in a few more sales! Well, at least a few more sales calls.

On a more serious note, drowsy driving is a very real and dangerous thing. According to reports from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA3), drowsy driving was responsible for at least 91,000 car crashes, 50,000 injuries, and 795 deaths in 2017. More.

Hopefully, innovations like the Power Nap mode can encourage drivers to pull over for some timely rest and help prevent some these tragedies from happening in the future.