Sleep Better. Camp Better.

Dēp Slēpwear founder and CEO, Glenn Paradise, interviews Waymark Wealth Management CEO, and Dēp sleeper, Brendan Sheehan

Dēp sleeper, Brendan Sheehan, says his sleep hoodie helped him get his best sleep in a tent EVER!


Camping Season is Here

While just getting outside and being active can help improve your overall sleep, actually sleeping outside can be challenging.

For most people, getting consistent quality sleep ANYWHERE can be a bit of a challenge. But try catching quality ZZZs under the stars, in a tent, or piled into an RV, and you're faced with a whole separate set of obstacles:

  • Campground lights
  • Noisy campers
  • Wildlife sniffing around
  • Unfamiliar wilderness sounds
  • Wind and water noise
  • Substantial temperature drops
  • Nighttime routine interrupters 

Gear Up for Better Sleep

Different things will help or hinder different people, but if your plan is to get up early to hit the trails, lake, river, etc. before the crowds, you’ll want to sleep especially well in order to make the most of your day in the great outdoors.

Here are some tips:

  • Stick to your pre-bed routine as much as possible. If you read before you sleep at home, bring a book and a headlamp camping.
  • Dress for success. Loose or bulky clothing will hinder your sleep in a sleeping bag. A Dēp sleep hoodie is the perfect sleeping bag liner.
  • Keep it dark. If you’re in the deeper wilderness, this won’t be a problem. But campgrounds often have a pesky light or two that can disrupt sleep. A sleep mask will help here.
  • Minimize the noise. With unfamiliar surroundings come unfamiliar and potentially bothersome noises. Use ear plugs or a wrap around sleep mask to minimize the noise. And, as Brendan mentions, you can also use a white noise app on your mobile phone.
  • Stay clean & cool. Before slipping into your sleeping bag, change out your daywear for dry, clean nightwear that helps keep your body temp cool and consistent.


For more helpful information about how to get your best sleep while camping, check out this article from REI, Sleeping Tips for Campers. You’ll notice that a sleep hoodie can help in just about every situation, and complement or replace some of the gear they recommend.

Enjoy your trip!

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