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The hoodie that helps you sleep

Blocks light, muffles sound, controls your body temp

Built for Beauty

Sleep revitalizes skin

Required for Recovery

Sleep rejuvenates muscles


Most of our Medium to XXXL sleep hoodies are temporarily sold out. XS, Small, and Women's Mediums are still available for immediate shipping, and are great for kids.  

New inventory has successfully passed FQC (Final Quality Control). Due to shipping limitations, it will be sent in two separate shipments. The first shipment is scheduled to arrive in our Massachusetts warehouse 6/9. The second shipment is expected to arrive 6/11. 

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To get a good night's sleep, your space needs to be...

Dēp Slēpwear is purpose-built for deep sleep

Lots of Love for the Sleep Hoodie

★★★★★ I didn't expect the mask to be so comfortable, but wow...the whole thing is really nice. It's great sleeping in it.

BC from Andover

★★★★★ I woke up at 4am as usual, but then I put on the dēp sleep hoodie, pulled the mask down, and slept until 9:30am! I NEVER do that.


★★★★★ I love my sleep hoodie. It’s very well made, and fashionable enough to wear outside. I’ve added about 15 hours of sleep a week to my busy schedule and feel more productive and energetic.

Barbara from Washington

I first tried it on a trip from the US to India – two nine-hour flights – UGH! With the hood on and the sleep mask in place, I put my seat in full recline and had no trouble falling asleep. All of the distractions of the cabin were gone. Add in a pair of headphones, and I’m not sure it can get any better. I slept great! For anyone that travels long distances, I could not recommend this pullover more.

Jeff S from Charlotte

★★★★★ Love my Dep! Use it for home and travel. Really enjoy it on the road, gives me great quality sleeps in the hotel vs before when sleeping away from home was always a problem.

Terry in Boston

★★★★★ I usually wake up at 3am every morning. With the sleep hoodie, I sleep right through the night. It works. It's great.

EP from Southborough

★★★★★ Naps at school are key but hard to come by. This is like sleeping in a cocoon. It like blocks things out. The power naps are awesome.

AS at Rollins

★★★★★ It's really versatile. I flip the hood down if I get too warm in bed; I push the mask up as a headband; I happily wear it to the store. It's quickly turning into my favorite piece of clothing. 

BP from Northborough

★★★★★ The material is incredible! I wore mine for two days! It far surpassed the comfort of my 100 cotton PJs. I also liked the softness of the mask. It worked like a charm!

MP from Hingham

Give Sleep a Chance


Find comfort

To sleep well, you need to be comfortable. Both physically and mentally. So before turning in for the night, turn off all of your screens and clear your mind by doing things like checking off your to do list and getting ready for tomorrow. Then slip on the cocoon-like dēp sleep hoodie, feel your senses go ahhhh, and drift off to healthy, rejuvenating sleep. (Helpful tip: set your alarm first)


Mind your body temp

Your body naturally cools down as it prepares for sleep. And ambient temperature should be 60-67 degrees for optimal sleep. But a big factor in helping you stay asleep through the night, is making sure your body temperature stays consistent. Dēp Slēpwear sleep hoodies are made of silky, sweat-wicking fabrics to help regulate your body temp and keep you dry, cool and asleep.


Cut out distractions

Light and sound conspire to distract you and disrupt your sleep. Whether it's a street light or the sun, a barking dog or partying neighbors, creating the ideal environment for sleep is often out of your control. To combat all of this, the dēp sleep hoodie has a cozy, breathable hood with an integrated ultra-comfy sleep mask. These unique features work together to block light, muffle sound and provide your own distraction-free sleep space.