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  • Can Cannabis Help You Sleep?

    Can cannabis in any or all its forms, help you sleep? Especially if you experience insomnia.

    Well, in the attached article, our good friend Dr. Breus, offers an in depth look at the latest science on the effects of cannabis on insomnia.

  • Give the Gift of Sleep All Year Round

    In December 2019, I did an interview with The Sleep Forum. It was about giving and getting the gift of sleep. Listen here.
  • Try These Smart Bedroom Upgrades for Improving Sleep

    Along with prepping your body and mind for optimal sleep, you also need to organize your environment to allow for restful and sustained sleep.
  • We’re all getting less sleep, but especially those who need it the most.

    A recent study from Ball State University found the prevalence of inadequate sleep, defined as seven hours or less, increased from 30.9% in 2010 to 35.6% in 2018.
  • NHL players embrace sleep as a performance enhancer.

    Sleep could be the secret weapon of NHL players. And for us regular folks, too.
  • This secret to sleeping success comes from within.

    Clearing your mind is an important part of your sleep hygiene practice. But like many things in our daily lives, this is easier said than done.
  • What you should know about insomnia.

    Learn helpful details about insomnia and some strategies on how to effectively deal with it.
  • The Sleep Forum Features Dēp Slēpwear in Their Weekly Podcast

    Our founder sits down and has a conversation with Ruth Marion, Editor at The Sleep Forum, to talk about why and how Dēp Slēpwear is helping people ...
  • Control Your Body Temp to Optimize Your Sleep

    As explored in this article on The Sleep Forum, temperature plays an important role in achieving quality sleep. If you're not taking steps to control your body temperature throughout the night, your sleep will never be optimal.
  • Permission to Sleep? Granted

    This is the story of the genesis of the Dēp sleep hoodie and Dēp Slēpwear. Writing it brought back some very emotional memories of a time when my f...
  • Why we can't sleep

    An estimated 164 million Americans struggle with sleep at least once per week. That's a lot of people having trouble performing one of the most imp...
  • What really happens during sleep?

    The more you know about what happens during sleep, the better you will be able to prepare for and achieve a sustained, restful night's slumber. Sle...