Pricey but worth it! I bought this as a gift for my fiancé who sleeps in a T-shirt and eye mask. He loves it! I was a little worried it would be a lot of hype (and he did say the attached eye mask took some getting used to). But literally, this morning his exact words (after having the shirt for about a week now): “that shirt is like a sleeping pill. I could sleep all day in it!” So that’s a ringing endorsement from him!


My husband loved the sleep shirt and wanted two more. The website said they were out of his size, so I chatted on FB with a Dēp person and asked when they expected to get more stock. He/she checked, found that they had more, fixed the website, and told me about the BOGO sale this week. I have ordered two more, and will be checking out all your other products, since this experience was so fantastic. Thank you! 


I bought this sleep hoodie because I was always cold while sleeping. The hoodie has seemed to solve this problem AND it is also helping solve the pain and stiffness due to some arthritis in my neck!!! I think the hoodie is keeping it warm all night. I couldn’t be happier!!! This sleep hoodie has improved both my nights AND days...who knew!?!?! Happy camper here!!


I will almost certainly purchase a second one. Keeping my ears covered is a necessity for me, eyes are just a bonus. Mask has almost zero pressure for my nose and eyes and is just enough to keep the ears covered. Head covering only aids further. Not overheating because of long sleeves in 72-74 degree room with 4 dogs either.


Fits well. Cooler wearing on its own. Mask stays in place which is great because I have used a lot of eye masks and none of them stay in place which used to wake me up several times a night. This is why the hood is key. I sleep great with it. Would love for it to muffle out sound more but it is the best thing I have used so far.


No more melatonin. This shirt has changed my life. I have been using melatonin for 3 years and haven’t been able to sleep without it. With this shirt it was the first restful sleeping not using that. I also had chronic migraines and this shirt blocks out enough light and sound to let me take the break I need. This shirt has changed my life and has made my sleep a much more peaceful time. So thankful that I picked this product up because it is a life changer.


When I was sick and had a hard time sleeping I put on the hoodie and had a great night sleep. I actually felt better when I woke up. I use the depslepwear hoodie nightly. I used to toss and turn but that has pretty much disappeared thanks to the depslepwear hoodie. I would recommend it to anybody.


The Women's is a game changer!!! The material/design is super comfortable and stylish. My favorite part is the eye mask. Not only does the mask block out all light, but it also stays in place all night long without leaving any ugly red marks on my face!


I am definitely sleeping better! I have even slept later on the weekend, which I have been wanting to do for so long! I love the smooth and breathable material. The eye mask is soft and breathable. I would buy this sleep shirt again.


Amazingly soft, keeps my head warm but not hot at night. Strongly recommended for chemo patients and others with short, delicate hair. Flattering enough to wear everywhere.


I work the night shift and this product is great. Love the fit, as well as the light weight material. The eye mask is awesome-comfortable. This is an awesome product for those that need to sleep during the day.


I work night shift, I ordered the gray one and it was on my door within a couple of days. I have had the best sleep during the bright summer days. I love it. It feels amazing to wear and the blindfold darkens all the light 😁