New Sleep Helpline Launched to Help You Sleep

Sleep Helpline launched by Project Sleep as a free resource to help you manage sleep issues and identify sleep disorders.
New Sleep Helpline Launched to Help You Sleep

As pulled from the Sleep Helpline site...

What is the Sleep Helpline?

The Sleep Helpline™ is a nonprofit-led, professionally-staffed national helpline providing free and personalized support and resources for people facing sleep issues and sleep disorders.

Reach out to speak with a compassionate, professional Resource Specialist who will listen and help provide accurate sleep disorder information, resources to help you navigate daily living and the healthcare landscape, and connect you to certified sleep centers and patient support organizations.

How the Sleep Helpline Can Assist:

  • Help individuals communicate with members of their healthcare team
  • Provide accurate information about sleep disorder symptoms, diagnosis procedures, and treatment options
  • Help map a route from diagnosis to treatment and daily living
  • Provide information and resources for loved ones and caregivers
  • Provide free sleep disorders educational materials
  • Connect individuals to national resources, patient advocacy organizations, and additional assistance programs

Call the Sleep Helpline today at 1-800-819-2043

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