with Coach Barry Bridges' Sleep Plan

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Coach Barry’s sleep plan gives you professional tips and tricks on how to:

  • Manage your awake time to optimize your sleep time
  • Properly prepare for quality sleep
  • Eat right to sleep right and perform at your peak
  • Manage technology usage for better sleep
  • Improve your sleep every night

PLUS! You’ll get Coach Barry’s sleep tracking diary to measure, monitor, and continually improve your sleep habits.

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About Coach Barry:

Barry is a qualified Sport Scientist and is internationally certified in Sleep Science, Sleep Recovery, Sports Performance, Golf Fitness, Cognitive Fitness and Functional Movement Screening.

His experience ranges from golf fitness for professional golfers and soccer strength & conditioning, to corporate wellness, sleep coaching and esports performance coaching.

Barry’s current roles include: Dēp Slēpwear Sleep Recovery Coach; Wellness & Sleep Specialist; Wellness Coach for esports federation MSSA; Esports performance consultant for United States Esports Academy; Sleep Coach Consultant for UFC, ARES fighters, pro champion boxers, and pro golfers.